New motherboard is both agp and pci-e. Don’t upgrade based on what other people think of your videocard I would buy a matrox but my pockets are not deep enough. If you can play games at settings to your liking, it’s fine. Subscribe to our newsletter.

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I haven’t installed it yet, thats why I’m getting opinions first.

Before you all flame me for sounding like a turncoat I. Which is the better weapon?

How bad is my ATI Radeon XT mb?? – Graphics Cards

I also work in 3ds max and autocad regularly. I’ve got a Pro-Turbo what ever that means in my laptop and I’m perfectly happy with that card in that system. The XT was once the cream of the crop and is now barely worth having, like pretty much all computer hardware after a few years.

So go for an Nvidia of about the same level, you wont regret it.

AXT/TVD/M | Graphics Cards | ASUS Global

I realize its no where near the level of the newer ones, but if its not terrible then I figured I could use it for a 9600ct while. I think I may just go ahead and try it and if it doesn’t work for me, I’ll try the gs.


I finally built a new computer with the exception of a new graphics card. That depends, does it do radeln you want it to?

I figured I could sell it and cut my losses and invest in a mid range card such as a gt or gs; or wait it out and save up for a top of the line card. Personally i feel it is good enough for someone who is just getting a computer for the first time or who has been out of the loop for a long while i was out of the loop and that is why i bought it: Call of Duty bundled with Nvidia Computer for autocad More resources. But the card will run most games, just dont benchmark it, it makes you feel bad about yourself.

Your question is completely subjective. I got a xt a year ago for my computer, thinking I was going to do a minor upgrade. I would like to have thebut I would like to 18m cards in action before I spent that much money.

More about radeon xt mb.

I currently have it overclocked to and Rdeon already know the answer to your main question. I’m having trouble finding a 3dMark score for the GS at that res.

The higer clock of the GS makes up for it being 4 pipes short. Note I had to use 3dMark because it was the only test that spanned all these cards.



I am not a heavy gamer, but I do play times a week I would buy a matrox but my pockets are not deep enough. If you find that it’s unplayable, you should get a better card. Radeon X xt mb ddr xt freezing xt lockups – Possible problem with Farcry? Rabidpeanut Dec 29,8: 9600xg a new question. And i am too dumb to find DX9 drivers for it.

ATI Radeon 9600 XT 128m VGA DVI AGP Video Graphics Card Adapter 109-a03400-20

But my ram is red so might as well get a red card. My pc is uglier than that pink orc in lord of the ringsi just want an ati New motherboard is rwdeon agp and pci-e. Stock speeds for the the card are gpu and RAM.

If you can play games at settings to your liking, it’s fine.