The WUXi’s responsiveness was very good I felt, offering no obvious ghosting or trailing, and a seemingly well controlled RTC impulse to boot. There is a way round this while still using LaCie’s software, but you have to resort to doing so without hardware calibration. Within the advanced menu there is a whole host of other options to choose from. Select where this product will primarily be used to see available warranties:. Since the calibration process with LaCie’s software is automated, it offers you no prompts to alter the OSD settings for brightness and contrast.

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Most bookmarked in this forum. They aren’t going anywhere unless the big one hits It isn’t the best unit on the market but it performed well in all of our tests and makes a good choice if you’re after a large display for a variety of uses.

Maybe now I can fix those little details that kept annoying me: Thanks and regards PS: Dimensions WxHxD With stand: It’s beautiful, and there are NO copmatability issues with conflicting color gamuts. Is it not possible for a display manufacturers to find out what anti-glare coating goes on a MBP display and just use that? Each menu and sub-menu was in an understandable order and category. Yes, my password is: We look at the contrast stability of the screen, along with luminance readings at different brightness settings later on in the review, but at default settings it was just too high.


NEC WuXi-2 or NEC PAW?

Menu section 7 also features a couple of extra things you won’t find 2490euxi the regular OSD. Gamma remains at 2. Try editing photos on a laptop while tiliting the screen back and forth, or shifting your head. Part of the problem was the Nvidia control panel which although has a Saturation control would not reduce the saturation enough even when set to zero.

It should be noted that we used the BasICColor calibration software here to record these, and so luminance at default settings varies a 24900wuxi from the LaCie Blue Eye Pro report.

You’ll beat yourself up wondering why the photos you spent so much time perfecting look oversaturated and red on PBase or Flickr or someone else’s computer. The details of these options are shown in the screenshot above and we will test both here.

NEC 2490WUXi – The Full Story

When setting 2 is selected, the AmbiBright sensor itself is not functional and so doesn’t respond to ambient light conditions. However, the LaCie software was responsible for bringing us the best results in terms of accuracy, but had trouble producing a decent black depth and contrast ratio.

As a reminder, a series of pictures are taken on the highest shutter speed and compared. This automatically regulates the backlight intensity brightness setting on the fly, depending on your ambient lighting conditions.

It’s an odd thing, but it seems if you allow the LaCie software to automatically communicate with the monitors hardware LUT, it doesn’t seem to think that an adjustment of the brightness control in the OSD is necessary.

Last Drivers  HP DESKJET D4360 DRIVER

As a reminder, hold the ‘input’ button down while turning the monitor on, and you are then given access to the advanced version of the menu.

This could be useful to some if you find it helps for office work. The colours felt even and testing with horizontal and vertical gradients showed no signs of colour banding.

Cart Summary Items in Cart:. DstructFeb 23, The SpectraView II software now confirms we have calibrated the screen as shown above.

Hardcore gamers can save a single frame of input lag with a different LCD monitor though. The monitor can be height adjusted by up to mm. This has the advantage of storing the settings and profile in the monitor itself, which is more reliable and effective when it comes to profiling and maintaining colour accuracy. These entry level cameras should be easy to use, offer good image quality and easily connect with a smartphone for sharing.

While it might not make for perfect color accuracy the ATI Catalyst Saturation adjustment does take care of the oversaturation problem with wide gamut monitors.

The WUXi features a decent range of 2490wuxj adjustments, including a large height adjustment of up to mm.