Posted May 2, edited. Rooting your LG2X So ready to root your phone? I also backed up my rom before. Important Information By using this site, you agree to lg p apx Terms of Use. Wait until the application is done communicating, then hit the rather obscure “Install USB driver” button. Installed clockwork, But was unable to reboot in recovery.. Search this Thread Advanced Search.

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LG Optimus 2X – Rooting, Install Modaco’s ROM and rescue instructions!

Forums Shop Toggle Search. I have same problem NVFlash Restore checks the sizes of current partitions and the backed up images and aborts restore if a partition is smaller than its image or warns if larger. Follow the instructions on this blog p909 get that working correctly. From new ics layout back to GB layout smartflashing 28G baseband was easy!

It also enables dual-boot if you accept when promptedif a dual-boot partition table is flashed and save you some steps and reboots from installation instructions. Repartition your device with preferred layout and bootloader Optimized and updated to llg Dual-Boot.

Boots into the currently stock installed kernel.

[TOOL] All-In-One ToolKit v |KDZ FLASH|RO… | LG Optimus 2x

Toolkit now checks its write permissions in the folder extracted and gives a warning. Added two flashable zips in CWM folder for re-formating system partition in ext4 in case nandroid restore fails after repartioning. Sign in with your Google account and your contacts should be there again. I love the fact that there’s still fresh development on this old phone But I don’t think I should appear in the credits for providing CWM 6.


If someone wants the stock MB he can always make one with PartitionResizer. Without him there wouldn’t be any CWM with the new bootloader.

[DRIVER] APX Driver Installer for LG Optimus 2x Su660

In gray color cause it’s an one time action and needed only if drivers are not already installed. Now what do I suppose to do? Just use the backup option in Clockwork: Just use the backup option in Clockwork: Lg p apx can control it with the volume lg p apx and accept the selection with the shutdown button. In option 8 is now clearly mentioned that it is not needed if option 4 has been usedIt is needed only if the device is still on Stock locked bootloader.

I just dowloaded the axp build from here: Are you a developer?

You p9900 to be a member in order to leave a comment. Only for restoring the image as far as I can tell. The USB device appearing in windows when inserting usb and holding down both vol buttons and disappearing when taking out the usb The display on the phone, which is completely blank.


By doing so you may kill your battery. Did you figure aox out? It is unlikely to create an irrecoverable situation but it does have the power to create a situation that you can not recover from yourself requiring factory maintenance.

aapx One of the things you may want to do after flashing your lg p apx is install a custom recovery kg. New and more efficient DualBoot-Control. When your phone is attached and you can see a “USB Composite Device” that is not properly installed, follow the following steps adapted from this forum post:.

After repartitioning the device enters recovery automatically when powered on. It can be extracted over a previous version also, because now any un-needed previous files will be removed automatically. You can choose up to 7 Home screens on your LG O2x.

It is needed because anyone now can resize the partitions easily with option 9. Sign up or lf in Sign up using Google.