The LED indicators on the front of the unit show the active mode see the illustration below. Page 62 Support Site at www. Once the unit is connected to your computer and powered on, the PC should rec- ognize it and load the appropriate drivers automatically. At one specific moment, it started to work but only transferred video to the imovie 6 version for 7 minutes and the dropped forever. To make a long story short I had to uninstall the software and reboot and then install the apps again from scratch in order to get Win2k to see the bridge. Even after you edit video in the fast, high-quality DV format, you can use the Hollywood DV-Bridge to convert your creations to analog. Begin by clicking the Support link, then select Interactive Support.

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Tell be the Dazzle won’t touch this fine quality and I’ll quit trying Connecting Analog Video Output 1. So to wrap this up in a nutshell, the Dazzle Hollywood bridge appears to have tremendous potential in creating high quality video captures but unfortunately there are definitely some bugs that need to be resolved. The License Agreement screen appears. I eventually had to reboot and after Win2k restarted the bridge was no longer in Device Manager.

So right off the bat this type of video capture is a bit expensive. Get yourself something made by Canopus. I bet the reason that the capture died about 10 minutes in is that at you were over the 2GB file limit at that point. Playback of the file was excellent, dazale sound and video were of extremely good quality.


Then follow the procedures below. The InstallShield Wizard installs the specified drivers and applications, and then the Acrobat Reader 5 installer appears. Nov 10, Posts: It can perform video conversions both ways without connecting to a computer at all, which is a very brjdge function if you own a DV camera that does not have analog in.

The Hollywood DV-Bridge is a stand-alone analog-to-digital or digital-to-analog converter with the added ability to control your source deck or camcorder equipped with LANC so you can perform batch captures of your analog footage. For example, if you already have one or both of your DV devices connected to the DV-Bridge from a previous procedure, or if both DV devices have 4 pin to 4 pin connectors and you only have 4 pin to 6 pin cables.

Even if you own a DV camcorder that has analog inputs, you may still want to obtain the Hollywood DV-Bridge so you have can a permanent installation. OK, i’ll preface this my explaining i was a bit desperate after having to suddenly replace a car, a wall, and a ceiling in the same weekend and that left me rather impoverished.

We followed the QuickStart instruction sheet during installation, and we were up and running in no time. For example, if you already have one or both of your analog devices connected to the DV-Bridge from a previous procedure. The LED indicators on the front of the unit show the active mode see the illustration below.

I have to stop the camera at that point, go back a scene, and start again – a pain, but it does work. The software install took me through the installation of 2 programs.

In Vidcap disable deck control. My only problem is that at the slightest tracking error on the Sony Camera, the transfer goes berserk and totally pixilated.


Dazzle Hollywood DV-Bridge: Analog to Digital Converter Review

At that point I rebooted and then connected the firewire cable to the Hollywood DV bridge. Page 62 Support Site at www. You don’t need drivers Just connect it to the hollwyood port on your PC. Your audio cable may have separate connectors for left and right, or the connec- tors might be joined as shown in the illustration below.

Disable system extensions that are not required for editing.

Dazzle Hollywood DV Bridge no longer work… – Apple Community

If capturing holywood frames AVI, then how big is your hard drive, how much free space, etc? Page 13 The License Agreement screen appears. Feb 11, Posts: Jun 1, 6: Amazing that the Dazzle at over twice the price converting to DV through firewire would be so incredibly awful when this box can do as well as it does.

Let me know if you find that there is some sort of a fix or what might be done to get it to work again. Thing was, i also had a very strong desire to capture some TV i didn’t want to miss on my secondary computer and didn’t have the funds dazlze get another Canopus-type unit. Problem was of course the people rv bought the cheap converters didn’t have rock solid vision coming off their tapes.