This face simply trampolines the ball on good hits. I know its all about the correct fitting, but in gereral these thing balloon, dispersion is all over the place and you just can;t feel where the head is in the swing. I get the luxury of more info to make a more informed purchase, with the benefit of lower prices. Golfers of all skill levels can find something good in both options, especially golfers looking for a higher launching more forgiving club. I mean that the Callaway FT-9 Tour is a brilliant club even if it feels like it was released ten years ago… but it takes time to find out which drivers are really great and which is just good or ok. The lighter weight instills a feeling of power and speed. I tried both the Optiforce Drivers and had similar results with the CC driver, It ballooned like crazy since it was fairly windy.

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The trajectory of the cc version was a little lower and more penetrating than the cc in standard setting but both models feature an adjustable hosel for you to fine tune this to suit your swing. It callawa by far very long and forgiving.

Callaway FT Optiforce Driver Review

I couldn’t return optjforce driver, because there wasn’t anything wrong with it, so I went to ebay to find a replacement shaft.

It certainly feels light in your hands.

Flight Generally quite high and a bit spinny at times. I hit five shots with each driver on Trackman IV, and to ensure as much of an apples-to-apples comparison as possible, I tested each driver head with the same shaft.

Last Drivers  G31FCCL2 DRIVER

Today’s Golfer

There are no gimmicks here and the adjustability mechanism is simple to use. Equipment 1 month ago. And Brian expects to be hitting a lot more fairways. We showed it to the golf club pro and he said this should not have happened and that the club must be defective.

Both heads feature a contoured sole that is there to channel the air around the calllaway as it moves through the air. The M2 D-Type gave Andrew the confidence to play his preferred cut shot off the tee without fear caloaway it would drift into the right rough.

That sounds great, until we factor in spin and carry numbers. Two different head options, a cc version and cc version, allow golfers to choose between a lower-launching, more penetrating flight, and a higher-launching, more forgiving option respectively. I had been looking for a new driver this season to replace a 3-year old G15, and I had found the Cally x-hot was performing best of the bunch earlier this year until the Optiforce which I have demoed twice in the last month.

Don’t Miss Best Drivers Please try again later! I do want readers to keep in mind that this was a one-person test and I hit a limited amount callaay balls.

Callaway FT Optiforce Driver

David Belcher Aug 13, at 7: Well, that’s all I have to say about this driver. The launch angle was more consistent and the spin numbers were much more acceptable. It performs superbly and is not at all whippy as a few commentators seem to have had concerns with. Lawrence Williams Aug 10, at 2: With their forward center of gravity, they were helping golfers optimize their launch conditions beyond their wildest dreams: Callawah you think me a spendthrift, I bought them all one at a time on Ebay, sold off their stock shafts, played each contender against the reigning champion for about 2 weeks, then sold off the loser usually at a profit.


Better players will favor the lower, more penetrating trajectory offered by the And the new driver TM callway coming out already garnished a 5 star rating from this sight and the public has not even seen it yet. This allowed Callaway to modify everything from the head size, moment of inertia, center of gravity position, weight and even bulge radius to produce optimal conditions across the loft options in each head.

And it had tighter dispersion!

Gil Leonard Aug 13, at I had to cut to 45 and add lead taope to head to keep at my swingweight. My only real criticism is trying to obtain an instruction manual for the corresponding cogs for the hosel.

Callaway FT Optiforce Driver * Graphite Regular Left 46 in | eBay

Either way it optiforde a little getting used to, but persevere as the smaller head is more forgiving than it looks. No other group of golfers in the world tests golf clubs as frequently or as extensively as GolfWRX Members.

Building the perfect driver was a long way off and still isbut Jertson was excited where Ping had landed with the G At address the cc version sits very well behind the ball and has a clean head, whereas the cc version has a small alignment aid and some crown graphics.