Chiogtr4x , Oct 16, It is made to play beautiful solos or accompanied by a rhythmic crunch this well. Maybe knob operation is not as tight and solid as in super-professional stompboxes. Log in or Sign up. Me again OP used my new toy last night on a classic country gig moderate volume gig in a very nice Inn and the Mad Driver was just perfect when needed.

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Chiogtr4xOct 14, Chiogtr4xOct 16, Oct 14, 8. Oct 15, Even with a useless switch, it’s a good pedal. This is not meant to be a jerk, I’m asking a sincere question in a non-confrontational spirit.

Biyang Baby Boom Mad Driver OD-10 Effect Pedal

Oct 14, 6. Oct 14, 9. I don’t know biuang any manufacturer can duplicate something made in the 80’s using available electronic components but I hope this one takes me back into my old Boss CE-2 tonal territory. Once upon a time you were gonzo crazy for the Delta Labs OD.

Good value for money, the Chinese are very strong. It’s probably a Phase 90 clone, which would be fine for my occasional phaser needs The Normal top and Warm bottom settings are very similar-I think there is a little less Bass and Treble cut in the Warm mode, so the “mid-hump” is just a little relaxed. I’m done- this one is a keeper, as it sounds like a TS which is all I wanted, but with a different look and size, plus the added feature of the 3-positon switch which is pretty cool, at a great price.


I think the battery case is badly designed, there is a screw on the underside of the pedal that can make life hard. I like it too. Maybe my mind will change in a few days or maybe the stars have alligned with regards to my current gear combination or maybe I’ve had 1 too many Dos Equis but this pedal is a steal considering it’s price. PantsNov 2, Oct 14, 5.

Not satisfied with those reviews?

I think it is for those who like the sound more “rounded” jazz? I like its versatility through the switchthe heat of her, and the fact that through the mix really well in a group and on stage.

I will not bjyang this pedal to its model, the TS, because I do not know. Oct 14, Oct 14, 7. Top position was classic Already in the out of the box, I fell in love with her look the green color is reminiscent of his famous elder which it is based.


Biyang OD Mad Driver.

Review: Biyang Baby Boom Mad Driver | Telecaster Guitar Forum

Chiogtr4xOct 15, I had an SRB which was great mzd was also a twist on the Landgraff. I have no worries for its durability, since this the pedal has a sturdy metal case. I will boyang that the Bad Monkey is perfect for blues while the latter is well suited for rock. The toggle switch on the Fuzz Star doesn’t do much except change the amount of volume.

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